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Rates & Insurance

Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Pilates & GYROTONIC® Classes

Here at Physio Mind, we're not your typical provider because we've chosen to be out-of-network. That means we don't accept insurance, and here's why: we want to put you first, not insurance company rules. This gives us the freedom to focus on exactly what you need during each session, without being tied down by codes or time restrictions. Our goal is to give you the best care to help you feel better faster.

While we won't bill your insurance directly, we've got your back! We can give you a superbill to submit for potential reimbursement. Keep in mind, the amount varies based on your insurance policy, so it's a good idea to check with them before your first session.


Frequently asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

Physio Mind Physical Therapy is an out-of-network provider, meaning we don't accept insurance, including Medicare or MediCal. This decision enables us to prioritize one-on-one care tailored to your body's needs, unrestricted by insurance limitations. Unlike insurance-contracted providers, we avoid monetary caps and treatment constraints, focusing solely on your well-being. For detailed pricing information, please visit our pricing page or contact us directly. Your care is our priority, and we're dedicated to providing personalized service without the constraints of insurance policies


Do I need a prescription from my doctor to schedule my appointment?

Absolutely not! In California, we can initiate your treatment without a prescription for the first 45 days or 12 sessions, whichever occurs first. Let's kickstart your journey! Attend your initial session, and we'll promptly share our notes with your healthcare provider, whether it's your primary care provider, OBGYN, urologist, or another directing your care. They'll review and endorse the notes, and we'll regularly send them progress updates. Let's get started on your path to wellness!


Is an internal examination necessary?

Internal examinations are performed based on individual assessment and treatment needs. Your comfort and consent are prioritized.


How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions varies based on your condition and progress. Your therapist will discuss this during your initial assessment.

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