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Meet Renata

Hello, I'm Renata, originally from Brazil, and I earned my Physical Therapy degree in 2005. Holding active PT licenses in Brazil, Florida, and California, I am deeply passionate about movement. Since 2006, I have been sharing my love for Pilates, and since 2010, I've been teaching GYROTONIC®. My journey also led me to focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation.

My personal experience as a patient was what truly motivated me to become a Physical Therapist. After struggling with severe shoulder pain and visiting multiple doctors and physical therapists, I spent a lot of time treating my shoulder pain until I found one physical therapist who discovered that my shoulder pain was actually related to TMJ issues. After addressing the root cause, I finally felt better.

This experience shaped my approach to physical therapy. I always aim to do an assessment that allows me to find the root cause of my patients' problems, just like that physical therapist did for me. With a unique approach that integrates my expertise in movement, including Pilates and GYROTONIC®, and pelvic floor therapy, I am dedicated to enhancing posture, refining body mechanics, and providing holistic treatments designed not only to address symptoms but to make you feel better overall. Join me on this wellness journey!

My Approach
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