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Resolve Pelvic Health, Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Leaking Concerns with Our Women's Health Solution.
Your Journey to a Problem-Free Pelvic Life Starts Here!

Discover How Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Help You Below! Can You Relate?

❓Are you worried about pelvic pain or abdominal diastasis that doesn’t improve no matter what you do?
❓Are you frustrated that your regular exercises are only making your symptoms worse and painkillers haven’t worked for your lower back pain?
❓Are you having to slow down or even stop exercise altogether due to urinary leakage?
❓ Are you still looking for a long-term solution so you can get back to feeling confident and doing the things you like without worrying?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Many people suffer unnecessarily with pelvic floor symptoms because they’re told…

⚠️ Just “rest it” and it’ll be fine (then months later they’re still suffering…).
⚠️ It’s “normal” with age, or after pregnancy
⚠️ If you take some pills everything will be fine.
⚠️ Changing up your routine is the only option.

BUT the TRUTH is...

✅ Resting it doesn’t change anything. You might get a small temporary relief, but then when you get active again, you’ll still be suffering from pain or urinary leakage (I bet you’ve already experienced it!).

✅ It’s NOT normal to experience urinary leakage as you get older!

✅ Pain pills are addicting, dangerous, and can cause many other problems with your body.

✅ Stop doing the things you enjoy and felling worried is not the only option. You don’t have to sacrifice the things you enjoy over problems that can be resolved.

Reclaim your freedom: run, play, and live
without pain or leaks!

Expert Pelvic Floor Assessment

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Bruna Ellen, CA

“Renata is a great professional and very attentive! I've been treating my scoliosis with her and in a short time I've had no more pain and I can already see a lot of difference in my body! I'm very happy and feeling a big improvement in my routine and workouts 😍."

Silvia R., CA

"Renata is the best physiotherapist that I ever experience, she found exactly the point that was hurting on my right shoulder , literally in 5 mins massage she gave me went away . I don’t think I will ever stop going to her."

Daniela Mulareks

“If I could I would give Renata 10 stars. She truly care about her patients and if you have pelvic floor problems she is best! With her help I am perfectly fine now! Thank you, Renata!”

Improve Your Pelvic Floor Health

Our initial sessions focus on understanding the root cause of your symptoms, whether it's pain, urinary incontinence, or diastasis. We then tailor exercises to alleviate discomfort, breaking the cycle of ongoing issues.


Addressing the Root Cause
Between visits 4 and 6, we focus on identifying and resolving the root cause behind your symptoms. Frequently, these symptoms originate from other areas of the body that aren't performing at their best.

Increasing Your Baseline and Preventing Recurrence
Subsequent sessions aim to raise your baseline, preventing the return of symptoms. This phase includes activities that align with your desired level of function. Our goal is for you to leave our clinic feeling stronger, more agile, and confident in your abilities.

What Makes Physio Mind Stand Out?

At Physio Mind, we are dedicated to ensuring your physical therapy experience exceeds expectations.

We understand that prior to coming to us, you may have tried various methods to find relief, only to be left disappointed.

We strive to be the comprehensive solution to your needs.

Unlike other approaches, we don't just provide exercises or stretches for you to do on your own. Instead, we work closely with you throughout the process. This ensures that each exercise is performed safely, correctly, and effectively to help you achieve your maximum potential, using Pilates GYROTONIC and functional training.

Our commitment is to assist you in finding relief and returning to the active lifestyle you love.

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